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My 13 year old brother is BOSS!!!


I got home earliest today and in the solitude i found the "peace" and space to actively zone into a scientific journal in preparation for a meeting that's had me on edge all day 😩😖 with my nerves on fire, mind high on adrenaline and muscles numb for no reason it's a *mini* panic attack no doubt 😒😒 no ones immune to those so don't judge!

In a split second, that "peace i had found shuttered...felt like a bubble pop really 😏 but suddenly I could hear the annoying voices of ALL the estate children playing outside *schools closed too early if you ask me 😕😕they're all running around with their numerous gadgets, annoying attitudes and loud stories of their spoilt boasts and dreams...Lord am I glad to be a 90's baby! Ain't nothing joyful about being "grown and responsible" BUT I'll take it anyway. Now, above all these voices was my brother saying:

"I"ve never been fat in my life so I wouldn't know!"

Shortly after that there was silence and my brother walked back into the house * in my head was fireworks, confetti and deafening cheers 💥💥🎉🎉💃 I celebrated that sh*t with a virtual happy dance...when I was 13...I never stood up to anyone! This was magnificent!

Look, I don't care what you say...but in that all that seriousness...those words...that come back, now that was FIRE 🔥🔥See, I don't know who he said that to, it must have surely hurt to hear but I know my Tony, he's the kid who stands up against the resident estate bully kid, i mean it helps that the estate bully is younger than Tony 😒😒 but it works just fine, I've assisted him once too...that boy is maaaaad bad! I've also met those estate kids, they call him "Botswana" on occasion's bound to get annoying at times...Lord knows what they said to deserve such a comeback...i'm just proud that my man can hold it down out in the streets! LOL 👍💪

Anyway, in those words, Tony made me accept how life NEVER is that serious! I mean it takes a lot of effort and discipline to get shit done on most days's never that serious! I had my meeting, I aced that shit! Don't even know what I was fretting about all day! Ain't nobody fluent in me like I am and it took something as simple as a random dose of laughter from a 13 year old boy to make me feel lighter and more confident than I've done in weeks! ❤️❤️ It's the little things's the little things that go Unnoticed that will always get us through our days..if we're present enough to see/hear them play out. Take notice and find peace in it all.

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